Coach Bento identifies all UAE players

The atmosphere of the UAE national soccer team, where head coach Paulo Bento is at the helm, is quite good. UAE players and association executives have absolute trust in Bento.

Bento is leading the UAE national soccer team through the A match break in September and training in Zagreb, Croatia. The off-season training schedule is ten days. Many UAE media outlets, including “Dubai Sports,” reported that Bento’s systematic team management is raising an atmosphere of trust inside and outside the team.

Dubai Sports reported that Ali Kasif, the team’s oldest and leading goalkeeper, gave absolute trust to Bento and other staff. “The UAE coaching staff is doing a great job preparing players in terms of technology, physical and psychological aspects,” Kasif said. “Our team will prepare for the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers with players who have played several matches in many competitions, including the league. “Our players will be in very good physical condition,” he said with confidence.

From the outside, there is faith in the view of Bento. “The goal of this off-season training camp is different from before,” Abdullah Misper, who previously served as the head coach of the UAE, said in an interview with UAE media Al Emarat Al Yum. “It’s natural that Bento watched UAE professional league matches and looked at the players’ skills through the last Austrian camp and past UAE national soccer team matches.” It is natural to look at the players on the spot, and it is believed that UAE players were closely checked even before the coach took office.

In addition, “Bento has a reasonable idea for each position. And you can choose a player who can apply his style and ideas to the field, he said, evaluating that he is steadily leading the team.

Meanwhile, the UAE national soccer team will play a friendly match against Costa Rica, a North-Central American powerhouse that recently beat Saudi Arabia 3-1, at Ivan Lariak-Ivić Stadium in Zafrecic on the 13th. The match is Bento’s debut as the head coach of the UAE.


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