CEGO latest gambling firm to bring Neccton on board

CEGO now sits alongside Europe’s top gambling operators after selecting Neccton’s mentor software to protect its customers from harmful gambling behaviours.

CEGO is licensed to operate in three major markets – Denmark, Sweden and most recently, the UK. The company recognised their responsibility to players and set about a rigorous selection process to find the right tool for the job. This process led them to recognise Neccton’s mentor software as the one that met both their needs, and their players’ needs, perfectly. 카지노사이트

CEGO’s online players will now be playing while by mentor’s AI-based solution analyses their behaviour in real-time to prevent problem gambling habits evolving. The software recognises possible problematic behaviour and works to help both player and operator to identify and address the issue.

mentor is a ground-breaking player tracking tool which alerts the operator and contacts players who display critical behaviour directly. For example, players are informed when their deposit frequency is increasing significantly, and helps customers make better informed decisions about their play with individualised feedback.

Dr. Michael Auer, Director and Head of Development at Neccton, said: “Our scalable solution fits brilliantly into CEGO’s current trajectory; with the appointment of a new CEO in August they are targeting international growth, starting with the UK where we already have many customers and are recognised as a market leader. Our player protection solution answered their every question, and we now look forward to assisting and protecting their customers as the company grows.”

Allan Auning-Hansen, CEO of CEGO, said: “Responsible Gambling is a key component of the CEGO mindset, and we are very excited to partner up with Neccton. We believe that Mentor’s incident focus will contribute to our aim at helping players play responsibly.”

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