Jurosek Family Becomes GiG’s Largest Shareholder

The Jurosek family acquired 1324,145 shares of Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) to become the company’s largest shareholder. The family recently saw Entain purchase STS, a Polish sportsbook operating company.

Mateusz Juroschek’s investment firm MJ Investments acquired 1324,145 shares of GiG. The Juroszek family currently owns a total of 14,285,614 shares, or 11.08% of the total stock. As a result of Betplay Capital, MJ Investments and Jurosek Holdings became GiG’s largest shareholder.

Here’s a breakdown of shares by company operated by the Jurosek family. MJ Investments has 5,217,606 shares (4,05%) of GiG, Betplay Capital has 4,832,342 shares (3,75%) and Jurosek Holding has 4,235,666 shares (3,28%).

Juroszek said. “GiG is one of the most attractive and exciting iGaming companies in the open market, especially considering NOK and SEK exchange rates. In our opinion, GiG is undervalued and has great potential. We want to be a long-term investor as a family. Our goal is to support business and growth.

“As a family, we have been involved in the iGaming industry for more than 20 years and our goal is to expand our participation in GiG’s shareholder structure. This is why we have recently concluded such transactions.

“We see analysts and their forecasts in particular as the reason why the current valuation increases our participation in GiG, assuming that EBITDA is growing up to 70% year-on-year and revenue is about 50%.”


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