Second place expert.” Will Yerim and Yuna smile broadly this time?

Choi Ye-rim (25, Daebo Construction) and Yoon In-na (21, Hite Jinro), who are active in the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour, earned unpleasant nicknames this season. They are the ‘second place specialists.’ The two players finished second three times this year, and lost every time they were on the verge of winning a championship. In addition, both players sadly turned their heads after two extra innings.

Choi Ye-rim and Yoon Na-na, who are in deep agony, will compete for victory in the High1 Resort Women’s Open (total prize money of 1 billion won), which will open at High1 Country Club (par 72, 6,568 yards) in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province on Wednesday. Choi lost the cup to Park Hyun-kyung (Korea Land Trust) in overtime at the McCall-Mona Yongpyeong Open two weeks ago, and won the runner-up prize at the Lotte Open last week after fierce overtime with Lee Ga-young (NH Investment & Securities). Yoon In-na, who returned to the field this season after being suspended for “five-ball play,” also experienced her second consecutive playoff loss. Three weeks ago, she lost to Park Hyun-kyung in a close game that lasted until the fourth playoff at the BC Card-Hankyung Ladies Cup, and handed over the championship to Lee Ga-young in overtime at the Lotte Open last week after withdrawing from the next event due to shoulder pain.

After suffering from such a severe jinx, the two runners-up finally have a golden opportunity. Park is resting after beating both runners-up. Park, who has won three games this season, is ranking first in the competition for the most wins, the top prize winner, and the grand prize winner. Lee Ye-won (21, KB Financial Group, 32nd), who is ranking second for the third time this season, and Park Ji-young (27, Korea Land Trust), who is ranking third and fourth for the grand prize, and Hwang Yu-min (21, Lotte), who is ranking fifth, will not participate in the competition to participate in the Evian Championship, a major competition of the LPGA Tour, which will take place in France this week. Therefore, they are the strongest candidates for the championship.

Yoon is armed with both long-range shots and sharp iron shots. This season’s average driving distance is 254.36 yards (3rd) and the green accuracy rate is 79.32 percent (2nd). Although she has failed to win the top 10 title in 13 competitions, she is ranked sixth in the prize money list and fifth in the grand prize money list. Choi, who has made the top 10 four times in 16 competitions, is ranked ninth in the prize money list. “I am tired because I played in overtime for two consecutive weeks, but my physical condition and stamina did not deteriorate significantly,” she said. “I want to win by practicing putting and short games more thoroughly.”

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