The scoring machine that stopped working in the heat…Who will win first

K-League 1 top scorers

K League 1 top scorer (11 goals), Joo Min-kyu, Baco (Ulsan Hyundai), and Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul) have not been able to taste the goal for a month. The “scoring machine” that will lead the team’s victory has stopped operating in the scorching heat.

As of the end of the 26th round, three players are still in first place in the K League. All of them play at the heart of the team throughout the season and are aiming for the opponent’s goal in virtually every game. The three players who competed for the top scorer drew attention with their different strengths. Front-line striker Joo Min-kyu not only scored with both feet, but also scored a goal with a header and played a special performance. Winger Bako showed meticulous dribbling, and Na Sang-ho was noticed for his powerful shot.

However, for the past month, their toes have been quiet.

Joo Min-kyu has been silent for five games since the match against the Pohang Steelers on the 8th of last month, but he has not been able to shoot at all in the last two games. Baco also has no offensive points in three games following a goal in the last match against Suwon Samsung. Ulsan, the overwhelming “first round” with the front line silent, has lost its momentum with one win, one draw and three losses in the last five games. At one point, the gap with second-place Pohang widened to 16 points, but now it has been reduced to 11 points, making it possible to chase.

Seoul, which has consistently maintained its third and fourth place, is even more at stake. It has already been overtaken by Jeonbuk Hyundai and has fallen to fourth place (10 wins, 8 draws, 8 losses, 38 points). It is a slump with two draws and two losses after a 7-2 victory over Suwon FC at home on the 12th of last month. He scored six goals in four games, but gave up eight points, breaking the balance between offense and defense. Na Sang-ho added one assist during this period, but it did not bring a team victory. The gap between Jeonbuk in third place and Jeonbuk is three points. At the same time, the gap between Daegu FC, ranked 9th, and Daegu FC is only 4 points. It means that it can fall into a sub-split at once.

Both teams are in desperate need of a revival of scoring machines. Na Sang-ho, who tied for first place with multiple goals against Suwon FC last month, said at a press conference at the time, “I want to see a scenario in which domestic players compete for the top scorer until the end like Mingyu.” The composition has been maintained for a month so far, but the gap with second and third places is around three goals. Everyone is paying keen attention to who will start with the top scorer and bring the team victory.

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