Manoa, who was pushed out by Ryu Hyun-jin

Toronto Blue Jays right-hander Alec Manoa , who did not join the team even after being relegated to Triple A, has revealed the reason.

Canadian sports media ‘Sportsnet’ quoted sources on the 25th (Korean time) and reported that Manoa had undergone an ‘extensive medical examination’ in Toronto.

According to the report, Manoa felt pain in his quadriceps and lower back and underwent examinations, but no serious structural problems were found.

Manoa went down to Triple-A on the 12th, but has never pitched in Triple-A. Director John Schneider revealed that Mae Noah was in Toronto, but he did not mention the specific situation, which raised questions.

Manoa, who has confirmed that there is no problem with his physical condition, plans to join the Triple-A Buffalo Bysons squad. As long as he had a hiatus, he plans to go through his bald-up process again.

Sportsnet said that if there is a vacancy in the Toronto rotation while he is going through the build-up, Bowden Francis or Trevor Richards, who can digest more than two innings, will take over the starting role.

Manoa, who pitched 196 2/3 innings in 2022 with a ERA of 2.24 and finished third in American League Cy Young Award voting, is in a 180 degree different situation this season.

In 19 games, he played 87 1/3 innings and was sluggish with an average ERA of 5.87 with 3 wins and 9 losses. He posted a wHIP of 1.740, 1.5 home runs per 9 innings, 6.1 walks and 8.1 strikeouts, showing what is difficult to expect from a major league starter.

He was demoted to the minor leagues once in the middle and had a chance to correct his pitching, but he did not show much improvement.

In the end, Ryu Hyun-jin returned and settled in the starting rotation, and was demoted again to Triple A.

Even if I had a chance immediately after the relegation, I wasted nearly two weeks in the yard where time was insufficient. It won’t be easy for them to regain their former status for the rest of the season.

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