Lee Kang-in + Neymar Enter in Busan

Will Lee Kang-in be able to play in the final pre-season match of Paris Saint-Germain this summer and greet Korean fans?

PSG lost 1-2 in a pre-season friendly against Inter Milan (Italy) at Tokyo National Stadium on the 1st, and finished the first half 0-0 with Vitinha’s goal in the 18th minute of the second half, but collapsed in the 36th and 38th minutes of the second half.

Starting with a friendly match against Le Havre on the 22nd, starting with Al Nasr on the 25th and Cerezo Osaka on the 28th, PSG showed an unexpected slump with one draw and one loss in the last two Asian Tour games, but lost again this time against Inter Milan and continued its three pre-season wins. In the previous two games on the Asian Tour, he failed to meet expectations with one draw and one loss, but this time he lost the match against Inter Milan and continued his winless streak in three pre-season games.

This match also received a lot of attention from PSG fans whether or not Lee Kang-in participated. Lee Kang-in, who recently participated in team training and raised expectations for his return, was listed on the replacement list, but he could not play in the match against Inter Milan and did not play a single game on the Japanese tour schedule. Neymar also stayed on the substitute list for three consecutive Asian tour matches despite team training.

Lee Kang-in and Neymar appeased the fans by showing good chemistry on the bench as if to appease the regrettable failure to participate. The two players watched the game while talking on the bench, and fans shouted Neymar’s name and expressed their desire to participate.

Lee Kang-in had initially returned to team training, and expectations for his participation in the Inter Milan match had grown. During the two games in Osaka, Lee Kang-in, who had devoted himself to individual training, partly returned to team training and had training sessions with his teammates.

French media Requipe also said, “PSG will head to Korea after a friendly match against Inter Milan (Italy) on August 1. Cruz, who was injured in the match against Cerezo Osaka, is receiving treatment.” Lee Kang-in, who did not participate in training after arriving, took part in training organized by PSG coach Luis Enrique and coaches on the weekend.

The reason Lee Kang-in was excluded from team training was because of an injury problem that occurred right before the Asian tour.

On the 22nd, Lee Kang-in started the first pre-season friendly match against Le Havre held at ‘Campus PSG’ in Poissy, outside Paris, France, which is the PSG training ground. At the time, Lee Kang-in performed excellently throughout the first half, but bad news came just before halftime. He felt thigh pain during the sprint in the 42nd minute of the first half, and was later replaced due to a hamstring injury.

Lee Kang-in lowered his head right in front of coach Enrique and touched his right thigh. Coach Enrique, who did not need to overdo it because it was a friendly match, immediately replaced Lee Kang-in with another player.

Fans were more concerned because Lee Kang-in had never been injured before. The PSG fan account, ‘PSG Community’, took Lee Kang-in’s injury history as an example and expressed concern that he might have suffered from the ‘PSG injury curse’.

They explained, “If you look at Kangin Lee’s injury history, he has only missed 8 games due to injury so far,” and “Especially since January 2020, he has not missed a single game due to injury.”

Looking at the data on Lee Kang-in’s injury history presented as a basis, he missed one game in August 2019 due to a hamstring muscle problem in his thigh, and then missed about 7 weeks due to an injury to the front of his left thigh in November 2019. At this time, he missed 7 games.

This injury is Lee Kang-in’s first and last long-term injury. Since then, Lee Kang-in has never missed a game due to injury since he missed two games due to being infected with the Corona 19 virus that was prevalent around the world in December 2020.

Seeing Lee Kang-in, who hadn’t suffered an injury in more than three years, complain of thigh pain as soon as he came to PSG, they worried, saying, “I hope Lee Kang-in will not fall under the PSG curse.”

Contrary to concerns, however, the injuries were reportedly not serious. He was also listed on the Asia tour roster released by PSG, and appeared on the team’s official schedule, and was not in a state where he had to focus on rehabilitation due to injury.

However, PSG did not rush Lee Kang-in’s return. Lee Kang-in hasn’t trained for his team since arriving in Japan, and has spent most of his training time doing individual training at indoor training grounds. He was also confirmed to enter the indoor training ground immediately after greeting the fans in the open training before the friendly match against Al Nasr.

Regarding Lee Kang-in’s participation in Jeonbuk, positive expectations have already appeared.

Spanish media Marca reported on the possibility of Lee Kang-in’s return on the 1st (Korean time), saying, “It is possible to reappear in Jeonbuk.”

Marka said, “Lee Kang-in can reappear in Thursday’s game and finish the tour. He made his debut in the first match against Le Havre, but had to come out right before halftime due to muscle pain. He played against Inter Milan. He also explained that Kang-in Lee could complete the Asian tour by playing against Jeonbuk.

The French media Paris team also said, “Lee Kang-in arrived in Tokyo this week with good news. He was able to participate in training hosted by coach Enrique and coaches. Participation in this training is an encouraging signal for players who are preparing for the season. Lee Kang-in is hometown. There is a high possibility that he had in mind the match against Jeonbuk Hyundai, which will be held at .
Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in announced that a new PSG star was born by rising to the top of the popularity list within the PSG squad, despite not being able to play during the Asian tour schedule.

French media ‘PSG Talk’ said, “PSG midfielder Lee Kang-in has risen to the star position after joining PSG. He is gaining popularity on the Asian tour starting with Japan this summer and heading to Korea. Lee Kang-in is in the midst of budding romance with Neymar. , Now I can say that I am selling more jerseys than Neymar.”

Citing a report by Fabrice Hawkins, an influential reporter from RMC Sports, the media reported that “Lee Kang-in and Neymar are the PSG stars with the most followers on the Japanese tour. Lee Kang-in is also the player with the most sold jerseys in the store. , Neymar and Marquinhos are following him,” he explained, explaining that Lee Kang-in’s uniform sales ranked first in the team, beating superstar Neymar and PSG captain Marquinhos.

Spain’s Marca also said, “Lee Kang-in’s craze has already exploded in Korea. 70 percent of the uniforms sold are Lee Kang-in’s, and the sales figures at the Champs Elysees store exceeded expectations.”

Lee Kang-in drew attention as he was caught playing around with Neymar and having a pleasant conversation.

In the PSG training video, Lee Kang-in and Neymar were seen playing around without hesitation. In the rondo training, which is a training in which players stand in a circle and pass the ball, Lee Kang-in, who was in charge of the tag team, failed to take the pass and became the tag team again. It was a so-called knee kick. Lee Kang-in, who was beaten, and Neymar, who was beaten, all smiled brightly and led the training atmosphere in a friendly manner.

He stuck with me even during training. Lee Kang-in showed off her friendship by approaching Neymar and others from behind and hugging her. Despite being a freshman who transferred this summer, he seemed to have become very close with his outstanding affinity.

On this day, I watched the game while chatting with Neymar. Lee Kang-in, who lived in Spain since he was young, was active in Barcelona, ​​Spain before coming to PSG, so he can have a conversation with Neymar, who is fluent in Spanish, without a language barrier. When Lee Kang-in said a word, Neymar was caught laughing as if he was bursting with bread. Also, as if he felt that Lee Kang-in’s hair was long, he grabbed a handful of Lee Kang-in’s bangs and played with them by putting on a topknot.

With a lot of attention focused on Lee Kang-in’s ability to play ahead of the match against Jeonbuk, attention is being paid to what Lee Kang-in will show to Korean fans with Neymar and other team members.

PSG players, including Lee Kang-in and Neymar, will arrive in Korea via Gimhae International Airport on the 2nd.

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