“I was forced to start playing basketball, but now I can’t do without it.”

“It is a process that everyone must go through in order to become a basketball player, which is the ultimate goal. “I want to adapt well to the elite stage and become a great basketball player.”

On the 17th (Sunday), the ‘Sforround Youth Basketball Festival’ was held at the Sforround Steez Basketball Classroom Hopyeong Branch (CEO Han Jeong-hoon and Lee Chang-min), which is based in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do. This competition was held with the purpose of bringing together excellent clubs from all over the metropolitan area and providing a festival venue for children.

Strong teams in the youth basketball world, including Sforround Steeds Basketball Classroom, which hosts and organizes the competition, Hopyeong Branch, Gobong Basketball Classroom, Wonju YKK, and Gangdong SK participated and competed, and the honor of winning went to Gobong Basketball Classroom.

Lee Do-yoon (Dogok Elementary School 6), who led the highest basketball school to victory and won the MVP, is a player with a tall height (180 cm) and versatile skills. For Lee Do-yoon, who will enter junior high school next year when he becomes a middle school student and is on his way to becoming an elite basketball player, this tournament was the last tournament he participated in as a youth basketball player.

Lee Do-yoon, who decorated the finale brilliantly by winning the last competition, said, “I have won twice while playing basketball. “This was the last tournament I participated in at the youth stage, and I am happy to win and receive MVP,” he said. “I won the championship and MVP, but I also learned a lot by competing with highly skilled friends. “After seeing the wonderful dribbling skills and solid physical strength of the Wonju YKK players, I felt that I had to work harder in the future,” he said.

Do-yoon Lee started catching a basketball when he was in the third grade of elementary school. It is said that he was not interested in sports from a young age, but was guided by his parents and naturally fell in love with basketball. Lee Do-yoon said, “I started playing basketball when I was in third grade. Two years older than him, his older brother started playing basketball first, and I also started playing basketball with my mother’s guidance (laughter). At first he didn’t want to play sports because he wasn’t interested, but the more he played, the more he became interested in basketball. He was attracted to the fact that tall players scored many goals through quick transitions between offense and defense. Perhaps he would have regretted it if he had quit playing basketball at that time. He shared his introduction story, saying, “I am also grateful to my parents.”

Lee Do-yoon, who began full-scale basketball training at the highest basketball school, has grown into a promising player who attracts attention in youth basketball competitions with his solid physique. He was a great threat to players on other teams, with flexibility and ball handling that did not match his size compared to his peers.

When we asked him to introduce his strengths, he said, “This is an era where all-around type players are in the spotlight,” adding, “Basically, his strengths are in passing and vision. However, his dribbling ability is a little weak, but he wants to improve his dribbling and become an all-around type of player in the future,” he said, drawing his vision for the future.

The amount and intensity of elite training can obviously be very different from that of a club. However, he had a firm determination to join an elite basketball team and become a basketball player. I could hear from his voice that he was ready to accept any hard training.

“There is definitely a difference in the amount and intensity of training compared to club basketball, and it may be harder than before, but I have no worries about that at all. If I would have worried about that first, I wouldn’t have taken the challenge in the first place. It is a process that everyone must go through in order to become a basketball player, which is the ultimate goal. Even now, I am still adapting to the elite basketball training system through several training sessions with seniors from the junior high school. Coach Cha Dong-il also helped me adapt by telling me that it was worth aiming for the national championship when I was in my third year of middle school. He is giving.” These are the words of Lee Do-yoon.

Lee Do-yoon, who will enter middle school next year, said, “In the future, I want to become a player who has both speed and strength and is not inferior to foreign players. Specifically, I like Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant. I want to combine Curry’s shooting sense with Kobe’s technique. “I want to adapt well to the elite stage and become a great basketball player,” he expressed his determination.

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