Pagcor To Be Game Regulator By 2025: Tengco

Alejandro Tengco, head of the Philippine Play and Game Company (Pagcor), says the process of terminating operational functions “must be completed by 2025” to focus on regulatory work 온라인카지노

“We’ve started preparing for this transition in earnest, and we’re starting with the most important part, Pagcor itself,” Tengco said.

Pagcor’s transition to a purely regulatory role is part of the agency’s goal to “flatten the playing field and ensure the future growth and viability of all game industry players,” according to the official

“We certainly know the potential and capacity to become the gold standard in the Asian gaming world,” he said.

Mr. Tenko announced in March that Pagko planned to sell a small network of state-run casinos. He said at the time that Pagko expected to raise up to S$80 billion (about $1.41 billion) from the sale of the Philippine public sector casino chain.

In his latest remarks, Mr. Pagko said that while the agency perceives people as its “biggest asset,” the shift to purely regulatory roles could “impact some employees.” To minimize the impact, he added, “we are working on plans to avoid movement, especially in casinos run by Pagko, where privatization is needed.”

“For the last few months, I’ve been going around the country with town hall meetings with my staff,” he said, “and we tell them there’s no reason to worry because we have plans to mitigate, if not avoid staffing altogether.”

Tengko made the remarks in a speech at the opening session of the IAG Academy Summit on September 13.

Pagcor’s director also said the agency is “making the necessary changes to the company’s structure, business processes and procedures to increase responsiveness and competitiveness.”

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