Real needs at least 140 billion won to recruit Romero… Tottenham is relaxed, a defender recognized by Messi

If Real Madrid wants to sign Tottenham Hotspur defender Christian Romero, it will have to prepare a huge transfer fee. However, the possibility of a deal is low due to Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, who is known to be a master of negotiations.

According to the global sports media 홀짝사이트, Real Madrid is showing great interest in signing Romero and is currently discussing a possible move with Romero. “Real Madrid is exploring terms for Romero,” he said.

In contrast, two weeks ago Romero appeared on Argentine broadcaster “D Sports” and said he had no plans to leave Tottenham, adding that he was “very happy at Tottenham.”

Therefore, the possibility of Real Madrid signing Romero is still unclear, and his transfer issue is expected to attract a lot of attention in the future.

Romero, impressed by Postecoglou’s leadership

Christian Romero is deeply impressed by the leadership of Coach Ange Postecoglou. Romero praised the coach, saying, “Postecoglou completely changed the atmosphere of the team through his strong will to win. Immediately upon arrival, he united all the players, and this spirit spread throughout the team and made them share the same goal.”

Romero is content with life at Tottenham, but Real Madrid’s interest could be changing his situation. Real Madrid is the world’s best club, having won both Spain’s Primera Liga and the UEFA Champions League in the 2023-24 season. This shows an incomparable difference from Tottenham, which is going through a period of no spectatorship.

The reason why Romero’s transfer is not easy is not limited to personal preferences. He is one of the world’s best defenders recognized by Lionel Messi, who praised Messi, who won the World Cup with Copa America on the Argentine national team.

Therefore, Romero’s transfer issues will be compounded by competition among several clubs that value his outstanding skills and leadership. How the negotiations between Real Madrid and Tottenham unfold and what Romero will choose will be an important issue to watch in the future.

We need to pay a lot of money for Romero

To recruit a defender of the same level as Christian Romero, you have to be prepared for a considerable cost. Even Real Madrid, which has a lot of financial power, is unlikely to be able to afford his transfer fee.

Football London said, “Romero is a key player for Tottenham. His transfer fee will be huge. He was hired for £42 million (W73.8 billion) and still has three years left on his contract. He is also the world’s best defender recognized by Lionel Messi.”

It also said, “It cost Harry Maguire £80 million (W140.7 billion) when he moved to Manchester United five years ago, and it cost £77 million (W135.4 billion) when Joshko Gvardiol moved to Manchester City. Considering Romero’s value, it is unlikely that his transfer fee will be lower than them.”

Even if Tottenham begins negotiations for Romero’s transfer, it is likely to ask for at least £80 million. The negotiating chairman, Daniel Levy, could record the highest ever fee for a defender due to Romero’s transfer. This suggests that Romero’s transfer will not be easy.

Currently, Romero is content with his life at Tottenham and stresses that the team is united under Postecoglou’s leadership. Real Madrid’s interest, however, may sway his mind. Playing for the world’s best club is an attractive opportunity for any player.

In conclusion, Romero’s transfer issues will be complicated by competition among several clubs that value his outstanding skills and leadership. How the negotiations between Real Madrid and Tottenham unfold and what Romero’s choices will be will be an important issue to watch in the future.


In conclusion, Romero’s transfer will not be an easy task due to complicated negotiations and high fees between Tottenham and Real Madrid. It is important to note what Romero will choose and what changes he will make in the transfer market.

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