Texas is on the move ,Metz and Scherzer discussed hiring

The Texas Rangers, who rank first in the American League West, have begun to move.

Texas is having serious discussions with the New York Mets for the trade of Max Scherzer .

Local media, such as the ‘New York Post’, followed up with the news that both clubs had agreed to Scherzer’s transfer.

There are hurdles to overcome for this trade to actually take place. That is the veto-trade issue.
Scherzer has the right not to trade for all teams. The trade can proceed only with the consent of the players. A player taking the initiative in a trade.

If he wants to move to Texas, the problem can be easily solved, but if he doesn’t want to, the problem is complicated.

Texas is a team he might be interested in. As of the 30th, it is in first place in the American League West with 60 wins and 44 losses, so it is likely to advance to the postseason.

Texas, a “team to win,” can’t help but be drawn to Scherzer, who has pitched in 27 games in the postseason alone, including contributing to the Washington Nationals’ World Series victory in 2019.

If traded this season, it could be a short-term two-month loan. Scherzer, who is in the second year of a three-year, $130 million deal, can opt out after this season.

Scherzer has appeared in 19 games this season, digesting 107 2/3 innings, and is recording an average ERA of 4.01 with 9 wins and 4 losses.

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