Lee Won-dae of the Korea Gas Corporation said, “The team’s performance is not good because of its power.”

Lee Won-dae, who is training to wash away the regrets of last season, said, “I am preparing hard. It’s all basic training, but I think it’s the most important part, and the coach thinks so and trains.” I was satisfied with the current defense-oriented training, saying, “The coach has other things on his mind, so I believe that he is training.”

“It’s not very good, but it doesn’t hurt too much. Lee Won-dae, who conveyed his physical condition, said, “I think I can continue to raise it.” Personally, there were things I wasn’t sure about preparing for, and there were things when the situation wasn’t good. I feel like I unfortunately lost a season because I was lacking, but last season was over. In the coming season, we have to prepare for sure so that we don’t play like that.”

Acting Supervisor Kang Hyuk of Gas Corporation expressed his intention to use Lee Won-dae as a shooting guard rather than a point guard.

Lee Won-dae said, “The director didn’t say anything out loud. I don’t know how to enter in any situation, so I hope you prepare a lot, and he said to make a good body, so I think I’ll do well what the director wants.”

There are many opinions that Lee Won-dae did not receive many opportunities to play because of the defense.

Lee Won-dae said, “I can’t play 100% well on defense, and there must be many things lacking in defense, but I think I looked a little bigger because we weren’t a good defense team.” “I don’t think I’m really bad at defense. I have a lot of shortcomings in defense, so I am practicing to make up for and supplement that part.”

Gas Corporation’s power is considered a strong candidate for elimination from the playoffs in the 2023-2024 season. This is because there is no special reinforcement in place of Lee Dae-sung and Jung Hyo-geun, who were the core of last season’s power.

Lee Won-dae said, “I think that Lee Dae-seong and Jung Hyo-geun went out this season and their power has weakened. In a way, last season we had good power, but our results were not good. Looking at that, I think that basketball doesn’t necessarily have to be good to be good, so the players are also aware of that,” he said. He said, “I think I will be able to achieve good results if I keep showing that kind of image because I want to upload my ‘.’ and I want to make basketball fun.”

When asked what role the gas corporation should play in order to achieve good results, Lee Won-dae said, “I don’t say anything to my juniors or younger siblings rather than basketball, but this year I talk about good things, but when I say something, I say something. Basketball is also important here because I belong to the seniors, but my goal is to tell the players what I can tell them, and to talk a lot about the parts I can go with,” he said. “I try to think about basketball after a while. The coach also said something, and I thought too much about myself, so I try to tell the players what I can while talking a lot. You need to know what your juniors are thinking so you can have a conversation. I want to talk a lot.”

Gas Corporation has been in the capital area since the 25th and has a practice game.

Lee Won-dae said, “I’ve practiced a lot of defense as a team rather than individually, so I wish I could match that a lot.” ” I hoped.

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