I’ll be back. Personal training will start again

Tony is being disciplined by the Premier League for violating FAD’s betting rules. Tony was disciplined from February 2017 to January 2021 after he was found to have violated the English Football Association (FA) batting rules.

According to the FA regulations, soccer officials cannot gamble or provide information directly, but Tony ignored the regulations by violating them and making direct bets. The FA suspended him for eight months for committing 232 violations and he will not be able to play for his club or England until January 16 next year. He will not be able to participate in team training until mid-September.

Tony, who can return to team training soon, posted a photo of him working hard on his personal training on social media. These are photos that imply “it will go back” soon.

British media reported on the 9th that Tony delivered secret words by revealing his first solo training since eight months of the “football ban.” You can upload pictures, but what the media has paid attention to is a secret comment.

The photo Tony posted is a proof photo showing his fans that he is currently training hard and is soon building up to participate in team training. Tony can join the team training from the 17th.

Looking at the picture Tony posted, I think he’s training really hard. It features a variety of appearances, including running and shooting, while being soaked in sweat. Tony, a former England international, shared the post with a secret caption that made fans speculate.

“I didn’t come this far to only come this far,” Tony wrote with the photo. It’s an expression that implies something, but I don’t think I know or know. If interpreted broadly, I think it can be interpreted to this extent, “What I am training is not to return to the team, but for another reason.”

So fans who saw the caption interpreted, “Tony might have sent a message about the teams he wanted to recruit.” In other words, it is a message that can be a hint about leaving Brentford and can be a return soon.

There are rumors that Tony will be recruited from several teams when he returns. In particular, rumors circulated during the transfer market last summer that Tottenham, which does not have a striker, would come forward to recruit him. Tony is the right person to fill the place where Harry Kane left.

It is also true that many teams, including Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool, are paying attention to Tony. Tony has replaced the current agent. It seems to be a move for a big deal.

Brentford intends to allow Tony to move in the transfer market this winter. Many say that the club has already set aside 80 million pounds. However, Brentford manager Thomas Frank claims Tony’s ransom is more than £100 million.

Tony, who moved to Brentford in the 2020-21 season, scored 33 goals in 48 games in his first season, promoting his team to the English Premier League (EPL).

Tony made 33 appearances in the EPL in the 2021-22 season and scored 12 goals. He played 33 games and scored 20 goals before being disciplined last season. It was third in scoring after Manchester City’s Elling Holland (35 goals) and Harry Kane (26 goals). Tottenham and others are aiming for him because he is a clear striker.

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