“Son Heung-Min’s PK Was Stolen, The Clearest PK”

“Son Heung-min’s PK stolen, the clearest PK”

South Korea won 1-0 with Cho Kyu-sung’s winning goal in the 32nd minute of the first half in a friendly match against Saudi Arabia at St. James’ Park in Newcastle, England, on the 13th (Korea Standard Time).

As a result, Klinsmann, who took office in March, reported his first win with one win, three draws and two losses in six games, and South Korea finished two away games in Europe with one win and one draw (0-0 draw against Wales).

Son Heung-min showed off his skills as the Premier League top scorer against Saudi Arabia, especially the strong breakthrough he showed in the 34th minute of the first half had to be prevented with a foul, but the referee did not recognize it as a foul.

After Cho Gyu-sung (Midtjylland) scored the first goal, Son Heung-min took a golden opportunity in the following attack.

In the opposing half, Cho Gyu-seong blocked the ball and attempted a quick counterattack. Cho Kyu-sung threw an appropriate space pass to the running Son Heung-min, and Son Heung-min sprinted towards the goal at high speed.

Son Heung-min penetrated the space behind the opponent’s defense with explosive speed and ran through the opponent’s penalty box. The only way to stop Son Heung-min was to tackle him.

Saudi Arabian defender Al Tambakti attempted a tackle from behind. It was clearly a foul. However, the referee did not call a foul.

Son Heung-min made an aggrieved expression and hit the ground with his hand several times. He held his head with both hands. He appealed strongly to the referee, but his decision was not overturned.

The Daily Star reported on the 15th, “Son Heung-min was robbed of a penalty kick that could not have been clearer. The Premier League referee ignored the penalty kick.”

In particular, the British media has not spared criticism for the Premier League referee’s failure to call a penalty kick in a match held in their country.

The Daily Star said, “Fans are full of complaints. In particular, ‘I don’t know why Andy Madele is still refereeing the PL’, ‘Son Heung-min had a penalty kick stolen’, and ‘The clearest PK you will ever see for the rest of your life’. “It showed a reaction,” he explained.

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